Three techniques have been passed down by the guardians of Dream Land. The techniques all require running energy through a blade, which itself requires considerable efficiency in energy control.

  • The first of three techniques is the Stardust Breaker, a powerful sword strike surrounded by a stream of stardust. The technique is performed by focusing energy into a blade whilst building it up and then suddenly releasing it, which results in an attack several times more powerful than anything its user would noprmally be capable of. However, the technique requires a large amount of energy to perform, and is unusable to most due to this. To get around this, one could use the energy of a Chaos Emerald. The energy required is so much that Light and Dark, whilst merged together, were only able to use it once unless at absolute full energy and would still be left practically unable to continue fighting afterwards.
  • The second of three techniques is the Portal of Crushing Space, which involves opening a portal to a space between dimensions, which then sucks in and annhilates those around it. The technique is performed by building up energy into one's blade over a considerable amount of time and then moving it in a circular motion to form the round portal. Whilst the blade remains inside of the portal, it is possible to switch control to another user if one is unable to continue by having them place their blade inside. Once finished, one can raise their energy-filled sword, which typically glows white in colour, and activate the portal, which then fully opens and sucks in thos close to it. Those trapped inside of the portal are then destroyed by space itself over a period of time dependant on the user and the victim. Depending on the level of the technique's user and the energy used, it may be poissible for particularily strong opponents to escape after a period of time. It is also possible to call forth a soul or body from the space between dimensions, as was done by both Garland and Vaati to Omega. The Light God Azrael used a more powerful version of this technique which created a larger portal after initially forming it and was able to contain an opponent as powerful as Omega for thousands of years and likely would have continued to, had Vaati not freed his body. It is also possible to hold open or slightly extend the boundaries of the portal using something such as the Chains of Gaia. It is unknown whether this technique was named when it was used by Azrael or if it obtained its name sometime after his use of it.
  • The third of three techniques is the Stab of Absolute Hell, which renders even the most powerful opponents in an unconcsious state of horrific nightmares. It is performed by building up energy into one's blade and then piercing their target with it, which results in the blade emitting a hellish red aura. Both the victim and the user's consciousness are then transfered into a hellish dreamscape, in which a living manifestation of fear in the mind, which is chilling to even the bravest of onlookers, can be seen reaching down and creushing the victim. The victim then experiences their worst nightmares whilst their body remains completely immobilized, or if they are entirely fearess, experience complete nothingness which is completely inescapabe. During this time, the user is freed from the vision and is able to do as they wish with their victim as long as the blade remains pierced into them. However, they then experiencing the side effects of the technique. Sealing of their energy is said to occur first, with theit flight ability going first, and later, their ability to utilize energy entirely. It is also possible that the user may at some point go blond, deaf, or even fall into a coma. As a worst outcome, the user may eventually die, which has been witnessed happening roughly two weeks after use and suffering thr consequences. Bleeding of the eyes and internal bleeding can also occur, as well as general fatigue, although side effects of the technique vary. Despite supposedly being unbreakable, it is possible for someone such as the Head Councillot to break free of the nightmares, which causes the red aura of the blade to be pushed away from the user and the technique to be rendered innefective.

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