The Three Rods of Origin were special rods created at the beginning of the universe. Each rod contained nearly limtless power, capable of rivaling that of Ultima, the god of power, and were indestructable through reguar means. The three rods eventually came to reside in three different dimensions; the Earth Rod in the World of Light, the Moon Rod in the Demon Realm, and the Star Rod in Dream Land.

  • The Star Rod, which rules over time and space, and is said to be able to grant the wishes of its bearer, resides within Dream Land's Chamber of Dreams, where it is guarded closely by Meta Knight.
  • The Moon Rod, which rules over infinite power and is said to grant its owner immortality, resides in the Demon Realm, in a hidden chamber far below the Eastern Land. After being uncovered by the efforts of Vayne and Shinigasu, it is now in the possession of the Demon Council.
  • The Earth Rod, which rules over life and death, resides somewhere in the World of Light. At some point, the rod lost most of its power and is now a shell of its former self. What remained of the Earth Rod was eventually found by Puss and his allies, and its remaining energy later gave life to Phantom Hands. It is also said to have created a powerful dark being at some point in history, likely referring to Sun Demon.

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