Part 1Edit

Chaos ArcEdit

Solar Demon ArcEdit

Bebi ArcEdit

Space Colony ARK ArcEdit

Metal Sonic ArcEdit

Soshay ArcEdit

EGG Cannon ArcEdit

Malfarez ArcEdit

War of Darkness ArcEdit

Dream Land ArcEdit

Shadow Sorceror ArcEdit

Part 2Edit

Life Force Cannon ArcEdit

Sheik ArcEdit

(Alternate World) ArcEdit

Mewten ArcEdit

Phantom ArcEdit

Black Soul Suit ArcEdit

Mecha Sonic ArcEdit

Vayne ArcEdit

Part 3Edit

Solaris ArcEdit

[Lava Villain] ArcEdit

Season Ninja ArcEdit

Gizoid ArcEdit

Possessed Dark ArcEdit

Silver Orb ArcEdit

Wavetide ArcEdit

Seasonopolis ArcEdit

Vaati ArcEdit

Part 4Edit

Fake Sonic ArcEdit

Pretender ArcEdit

Dedede ArcEdit

Future Pretender ArcEdit

Nightmare ArcEdit

Star Rod ArcEdit

Dark Emerald ArcEdit

Part 5Edit

Vayne's Return ArcEdit

Demon Realm ArcEdit

Final War ArcEdit

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