Chaos PowersEdit

Chaos Control Shadow was able to use the power of Chaos Control to control various aspects of time and space. Out of all known users of Chaos Control and its related abilities, Shadow was the most skilled and was able to use the most diverse techniques. With one or more Chaos Emeralds in his possession, Shadow could transport himself through space in less than a second. The range that he was able to transport himself increased with each Chaos Emerald in his possession, being almost infinite with the power of all seven. After increasing his proficiency with the ability, Shadow was able to transport himself short distances without any emeralds in his possession by tapping into their power from afar. Shadow was also able to use the power of Chaos Control to control the flow of time, an ability not shown by any other user. Shadow used this ability to slow the flow of time for those around him to the point where it almsot stood still, alowing him to act freely. Shadow was not able to use this ability without an emerald in his possession, and those whose strength far exceeded his own were able to break free of this power and move at the same speed he did, essentially rendering it useless against them.

Chaos Spear Chaos Spear, Shadow's signature attack, entailed forming small spear-like attacks in his hand, formed from pure energy. Shadow could then fire these spears at once, which then attacked his target, homing in on them to some extent. While in his Super Transformation, Shadow could also concentrate the small spears into one single larger spear, which had a silver glow to it, unlike the regular yellow colouring of the spears. Shadow later demonstarted the ability to use a third variety of the attack, creating one larger spear which was surrounded by several smaller ones, maximizing its power.

Chaos Lance Shadow eventually gained the ability to use Chaos Lance, an improved version of Chaos Spear which combined the destructive power of Chaos Blast and the shape and speed of Chaos Spear to create a more versatile attack. The Chaos Lance was red in colour, much like Chaos Blast, and exploded upon contact with its target. Shadow first demonstrated this ability by forming a single lance, at the time only able to use the technique with his limiters removed and in Chaos Boost. Later, however, Shadow was able to create three at once in the same amount of time it took him to use Chaos Spear. Whilst in his Super Form, the destructive power of Shadow's Chaos Lance was drastically improved, and he was also able to create a barrage of smaller lances which exploded with about as much force as the lances used in his regular form.

Chaos Blast Shadow was able to use his other signature technique, Chaos Blast, by focusing energy into his entire body and then releasing it all at once, resulting in a large explosion, which was red in colour. Whilst the energy was contained in his body, the red parts of Shadow's quills glowed brightly and he entered a state of Chaos Boost, which also allowed him to more easily utilize his Chaos Lance technique. Shadow later gained the ability to use a more powerful variant of this ability, Super Chaos Blast, which covered a larger area and was purple in colour, with black lines moving in various directions throughout the explosion. In addition, after gathering the energy to use Chaos Blast, Shadow was able to use Chaos Control to transport himself closer to his target before releasing the energy, which allowed him to catch his opponents off guard. Shadow never demonstrated Chaos Blast while in his Super Form.

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