The seven great gods are beings that were born at the beginning of the universe. Each of the gods represents either one of the five Elements of the Universe]] or Light and Darkness. The gods also each have a preferred race, whose form they take on whilst resting from spending time in their god forms, forms that have near-infinite power packed into a humanoid form. Most of the gods also carry some sort of sacred weapon, such as the Thunder God Ryujin's blade, Thunder Edge. Despite being referred to as gods, they can still be killed just as any mortal being, although they do not appear to die of old age. Should a god die, they will be reborn at a certain time later as a member of their preferred race.

  • Ryujin was the god of lightning (often referred to as the god of thunder), whose preferred race was that of Puss's People. Ryujin wielded the sacred blade Thunder Edge and was said to be the most powerful of the five elemental gods. His weapon was the only one to survive to the present day, being sealed in an underground shrine where Puss, Ryujin's reincarnation, eventually released it.
  • Fire God was the god of fire, whose preferred race was also that of Puss's people, as he was Ryujin's brother. He wielded a sword known as Kagutsuchi, which was capable of emitting flames said to be able to burn through anything. In the present day, he was revived as Puss's rival, Fire Cat.
  • Water God was the god of water, whose preferred race was _____. He wielded a weapons known as the Cauldron Trident, which was capable of forming and shaping the seas. In the present day, he was revived as Pup.
  • Wind God was the god of wind, whose preferred race was Humans. He wielded a powerful blade known as Wind Blade, which could create powerful destructive winds when swung around. In the present day, he was revived as Marche.
  • Earth God was the god of Earth, whose preferred race was _____. He wielded a pair of large chains known as the Chains of Gaia, which could bind a target while they were crushed by the surrounding landmass. In the present day, he was revived as Unknown.
  • Light God was the god of light, whose preferred race was calamon, although he was never seen outside of his God Form. He wielded a white staff with unknown abilities. In the present day, he was revived as the Light Digilight Brothers.
  • Garland was the god of darkness (often referred to as the Kinf of Darkness), whose preferred race was a seemingly extinct race of people known as the Tribe of Darkness. He had no known sacred weapon, but did carry two silver blades, which extended from the sleeves of his cloak and were capable of shooting powerful beams of darkness. Garland also had the ability to create entirely new beings of darkness, which he referred to as his incarnations. In ancient times, Garland was split into two, a phantom-like dark half which retained Garland's consciousness, and a more solid light half which had an entirely new personality and name, Black Sage. Garland was the only god not revived in modern times, as he was sealed away rather than being killed.

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