In modern times, humans are the race that primarily occupies the World of Light. Although most no longer possess exceptional fighting abilities, they are known to be capable of harnessing the power of the five elements. Some humans, who are closely related to "Light and Dark's race", are capable of using magic, although the number of these humans has decreased dramatically over the years. The wind god took on the form of a human.

Residents of the Southern IslandsEdit

Puss's RaceEdit

Puss's race were known as extremely efficient fighters and said to be the race most suited for warfare. In addition to their strength and speed, they were well-known for using weapons, although many were criticized for using them for brute force, rather than wielding them efficiently. They also possessed large amounts of powerful energy, and the more skilled fighters were renowned for their usage of the Elements|five elements. Their true power, however, was their ability to transform, which greatly increased their combat abilities. Only a small number were able to transform, with an even smaller number able to go beyond their initial transformation. The highest number of transformations possible was thought to be three, although Puss, the reborn thunder god, was able to transform four times, before reaching a "shining form" and then achieving a fifth transformation. They were also able to change into a semi-transformed state prior to achieving true transformation and could continue to utilize this form even after that. In modern times, they have nearly all died out. Ryujin, the thunder god, took on the form of a member of Puss's race.

Light and Dark's RaceEdit

Light and Dark's race were a race that branched off of the line of human evolution, ultimately taking a drastically different form. They are known as masters of flight, able to fly faster and much more easily than other races, as well as one of the only races able to use the elements of light and darkness. They also utilized a form of teleportation and created the merging technique. Some were also capable of performing magic and there are those who have been known to develop various unique abilities. In modern times, they have nearly all died out, with only three of their kind known to remain. Azrael, the light god, took on the form of a member of Light and Dark's race.

Tribe of DarknessEdit

The Tribe of Darkness was a race that existed during the era of the gods, now largely shrouded in mystery due to information on them being lost over time. They were known to be capable of extremely powerful magic, able to create such powerful weapons as the Dominion Rod, as well as proficiency with the element of darkness. Although they died out long ago, their descendants evolved into the Wind People. Garland, the god of darkness, took on the mortal form of a member of the Tribe of Darkness.

Wind PeopleEdit

The Wind People were a race that evolved from the ancient Tribe of Darkness, taking on more humanoid forms but retaining purple or gray skin tones and powerful magic. They mainly specialized in using said magic, as well as the elements of wind and, in are cases, darkness. 500 years prior to the rebirth of the gods, they used magic to build a new city on top of their existing one, although they were forced to move back underground approximately 400 years later due to being attacked by one of the last remaining tribes of "Puss's race". In the following battles, they all but wiped each other out, with the severly outnumbered people of Puss's race emeging victorious and leaving few survivors. They have seemingly gone etinct, with Vaati, technically an heir to the throne, being the last of his kind.


Demon is a blanket term for the many races that exist within the Demon Realm. Many demons take on a very human-looking appearance, with no noticabe differences in some cases, whilst others appear as somewhat mechanical-looking beings or even resemble animals such as lizards. Demons are born with a special ability, which is known to be somewhat related to genetics, as all known members of Vayne's family possess a very similar power. Amongst demons, their are clans of "weapon masters", who are born alongside a weapon that acts as an extention of themself. These weapons seem to grow along with their wielder and should said wielder die, their weapon would also cease to exist. Unique forms of weaponry also exist amongst demons, such as claws and chains attached to their arms that can be controlled through motions as well as energy. Ultima, the god of power, was said to possess the form of a powerful demon lord.

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