• Ultima
  • Seven Great Gods (God Form), Obsidian
  • Seven Great Gods, Dark Digilight (Original), Omega, Puss (5th Transformed State)
  • Shining Puss, Shining Black Puss
  • Reincarnated Gods, Final Incarnation
  • Omega (Weakened), Puss Jr. (Thunder God Form)
  • Head Councillor, Puss Jr. (Transformed State), [Fused Hedgehog]
  • Puss Jr. (Semi-Transformed State), Vaati (Full Strength), Vayne (Raven Cloak/Curse Seal), Super Sonic, Super Shadow
  • Vayne, Shinigasu, Demon Council, [Nature Master], [5 Elements Demon], Shining Digilight
  • Puss Jr. Sonic, Shadow, Light, Dark, Vexor, Papoy, Kurasa, Jakido, Vaati (Reduced Strength), Dark Sonic (Pretender Absorbed)
  • Dark Sonic, Pretender, Silver, Blaze, Metal Shadow
  • Knuckles, Zelda, Green Ninja

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