In the beginning of time, two beings descended from the Realm of the Heavens. They were known as Hinotama and Lunotama, and together they constructed the universe around them. Hinotama created the stars in the sky in his image, whilst Lunotama did the same by forming the planets and space rocks on which the two deities could reside. Eventually, out of a lust for more power, Hinotama killed Lunotama and took his power for his own. The resulting energy from this exchange created the physical laws of the universe as well as life itself.

Amongst those created in that flash were seven powerful beings who would become the Seven Great Gods. Hinotama himself, in order to continue existing in this new world, took on the form of a powerful demon lord and became known as Ultima, the god of power. In addition, it is said that the flash they reached across the universe was also responsible for the creation of the Three Rods of Origin and the Star of Ultima.

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