Demons are the people of the Demon Realm, a world parallel to the World of Light. In actuality, those known as demons are made up of various races and bloodline and differ redically from eachother. Some demons have an appearance very similar to that of humans, whilst others looking very different and other still resemble humanoid animals. Demons are born with a unique ability, which is known to be at least somewhat related to their genetics. They also possess a much longer lifespan than the people of the World of Light, as they are capable of living for hundreds of years and age slowly upon reaching adulthood. The First Demon King was said to live for several thousand years, although this may be due to the power of the Moon Rod, which he had in his possession.

Demon AbilitiesEdit

Demon Court FourEdit

  • "Lizard Demon": Unknown. (Possibly extraordinary luck, wielding flaming swords, or leaving images of himself behind when he moves quickly).
  • "Water Demon": Complete control over water.
  • "Bomb Demon": Ability to produce explosives from his body, as well as detonate himself upon death.
  • "Bat Demon": Teleportation, creating black feathers of energy from his four wings in the process.

Vayne's CompanyEdit

  • Vayne: Cloak of Shadows. Able to change it into various forms, although his most powerful form is that of a raven.
  • "Bee Demon": Able to produce a paralysis-inducing electrical current and fire it off in balls.
  • Papoy: Able to produce copies of himself. With this seal activated, these clones have as much power as himself.
  • Kurasa: Able to change one or both of his hands into a large mace, as well as control solar energy. With his seal activated, he could create a sort of eclipse.
  • Vexor: Ability to manipuate shadows, as well as travel through them and materialize them as weapons. He could also use a form of teleportation. With his seal activated, his shadow-based abilities were greatly amplified.
  • "Five Elements Demon": Able to manipulate all five elements efficiently. With his seal activated, these abilties were greatly amplified.
  • Shinigasu: The ability to manipulate hell vines, which grow throughout the Eastern Land. In an area without hell vines, he could create them by placing the hell vine-like sword he carried into the ground, although these vines would vanish upon his death. With his seal activated, he could create a giant monster-like mass of hell vines, which he could control from the inside. He also demonstrated the ability to produce hell vines from his own body whislt his seal was activated.

Demon CouncilEdit

  • "Head Councillor": Able to coat himself in lava-like energy and form fou additional arms from it, which could assist him in his attacks.
  • Hades: Able to manipulate a form of enegy which could tear through reality. He can use it to telepot himself and his weapons, run it through his blades to make them essentially unstoppable, and form a large ball of energy in his hand to destroy whatever it comes into contact with. He can also use it in conjunction with the energy from the Head Councillor's Blade.
  • Dimentio: Able to alter reaity and dimensions in various ways. He could affect his opponents senses, change his staff into a blade, or create copies of himself. He could also control a special blue flame, and was able to explode into said flames and direct them ar his enemies upon his death.
  • Tsukimaru: Able to create lances of electricity as well as grow wings from his back, which can be used to create a special wind that drained his enemies' energy and protect him from attacks. He can also create black lightning, which can disintegrate its targets.
  • Kumorimaru: A weapon master that wielded the sword, Kagemaru. Kagemaru had four levels he could alternate between with a dial on its side. In level one, it created mostly harmless blasts of black energy. In level two, its energy attacks became blade-like and could easily sice through his opponents. In level three, the energy attacks became large in scale, but still possessed more power than his level two attacks. In level four, Kumorimaru became covered in a "shadow shroud", which drastically increased his speed and power. He could also use the attacks of Kagemaru's lower levels whilst in this state. By turning the dial past four until it snapped into place, he could activate level five, a suicide attack easily capable or leveling an entire city.
  • Asahi: Able to manipulate plantlife. She can use vines for various purposes, or cover her opponents in plants that parayzed them and sucked out their energy until their deaths.
  • Kyosote: Able to create a cloak of darkness in the form of a panther, athough she did not demonstrate the ability to alter its form.
  • Kojaken: Unknown. (Possibly the ability to send explosive bursts through his chain sword).
  • Hidenjo: Able to create barriers. He could use them as a means of defensem, platforms for flying, and boxes to suffocate others with. He could also breath and explosive form of wind into a barrier and then send it at his opponents. When two barriers met, they woud travel through each other unhindered.
  • Hiyorimaru: Able to create powerful purple energy, primarily in the form of a large dragon.
  • "Deceased Councillor": Able to produce floating golden obs from his staff and send special soar energy through them as beams.


  • Current Demon King: Unknown
  • Second Demon King: Cloak of Shadows. Able to change it into various forms, although his most powerful form was that of a giant snake.
  • "Retired Councillor": Able to use a special form of flight for himself and others, which grants a form of intangibility.
  • Jakido: Unknown.
  • "Nature Master": A weapon master able to manipulate nature. For every person he killed, a tree with a face would grow in a special forest in the World of Light. He was also able to sacrifice himself to unleash a powerful green energy which could grow giant trees to harm his enemies and supposedly kill them.
  • "Draculla": Unknown. (Wielded a special scythe).

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