The Demon Realm, also referred to as a World of Darkness, is an alternate dimension parallel to the World of Light.


The Demon Realm was first formed thousands of years prior to the rebirth of the gods. by a powerful demon lord using the power of the Three Rods of Origin. Upon the creation of the new realm, the three rods were each placed in a different dimension, with the Moon Rod being taken to the Demon Realm by the demon lord, who became the first King of the Demon Realm. The King ruled over the Demon Realm and its people, demons who had also migrated there from the World of Light, with the power of the Moon Rod for several thousand years before finally passing away due to unknown circumstances. Since the king had no children, a close friend of his became the Second Demon King and ordered that the Moon Rod be sealed away where it would never again be found. From this point on, only the king would know the location of the rod, although this knowledge eventually became lost, with only cryptic clues left for future kings. Desiring to have a tool similar to that of his predecessor, the Second Demon King had the Tribe of Darkness create the Dominion Rod, whichwas then handed down through the Second Demon King's family until it was destroyed in the hands of one of his distant descendants.

At some point in time, the High Demon Council was established to assist the king in governing over the world.


The Demon Realm consists of one large continent which is surrounded by several smaller countries located on islands of various sizes. The continent itself is split into four main regions, known simply as the Western Land, the Eastern Land, the Northern Land, and the Southern Land. The Western Land, which includes the center of the continent, is largely a place of order and is home to the Capital City, where both the High Demon Council and the Demon King fulfill their duties. The Northern Land is a peaceful, forest-filled country, except for the very northern tip, which is an icy, largely uninhabited area. The Eastern Land is a mountainous and desert-like wasteland, which is home to many demons who appose the Demon King and the people of the Western Land. The Southern Land is said to be a tropical region, filled with jungles.

In the Capital City is the Royal Demon Palace, where the Demon King and his closest comrades reside, as well as the headquarters of the High Demon Council and the Royal Guard, the king's personal army. In modern times, the council is in charge of most political decisions, with the king typically only participating in traditional ceremonies, although he retains primary control over the Royal Guard and has higher authority than the council.

The Royal Guard is in direct service to both the king and the council and is led by a single Captain, who is considered to be of similar rank to the council members. The council originaly consisted of eleven members, which was later reduced to ten, one of whom is considered the Head Councillor, and is the ultimate authority amongst the council members. To gain the rank of Head Councillor, one must be elected for the position by their fellow councillors and recieve official acknowledgement from the king. The Head Councillor typically wears golden armour and is able to wield the Head Councillor's Blade, a powerful sword that prevents all but the current Head Councillor from even touching it.



  • Vayne: 71
  • Hades: 91
  • Dimentio: 92
  • Tsukimaru: 73
  • Kumorimaru: 69
  • Asahi: 66
  • Kyosotte: 63
  • Kojaken: 80
  • Hiyorimaru: 18
  • Hidenjo: 45
  • Shinigasu: 74
  • Jakido: 36
  • Head Councillor: 456
  • [Nature Master]: 96
  • Demon King: 147


  • Year 1: Tsukimaru (20) joins the council.
  • Year 2: Kumorimaru (21) joins the council, Vayne (19) joins the council.
  • Year 6: Asahi (22) joins the council.
  • Year 11:Kyosotte (21) joins the council, Shinigasu (33) gains control over the Eastern Land, [Councillor X] is killed, Vayne (29) leaves the council.
  • Year 51: Vayne (69) and his supporters attempt to gain control over the World of Light but ultimately fail. Vayne is sealed away and most of his followers are killed.
  • Year 53: Vayne (71) is freed from his seal and sets his sights on his home world. Teaming up with his old ally, Shinigasu of the East (74), and Hidenjo (45), a traitor amongst the Demon Council, Vayne attempts to gain the Moon Rod and with it, the power to control both worlds. This ultimately ends in the deaths of the the three, as well as the Head Councillor and two other members of the council.

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